Sentence Examples

  • That sort of passion both, for the industry and personally for each other, is what drove the two unacknowledged lovers to the continued development of one of the finest Parisian beauty products around.
  • The two first of these are a mosaic of unacknowledged quotations from such books as K.
  • But the effect of real, though unacknowledged, kindred had none the less an important practical effect.
  • A story describing how the domestic happiness of a young tutor, who marries the unacknowledged daughter of a Russian sensualist of the old type, dull, ignorant and genial, is troubled by a Russian sensualist of the new school, intelligent, accomplished and callous, without there being any possibility of saying who is most to be blamed for the tragic termination.
  • 620) makes copious but unacknowledged extracts from both in the original Greek.