Sentence Examples

  • Another class of nocturnal demons are the incubi and succubi, who are said to consort with human beings in their sleep; in the Antilles these were the ghosts of the dead; in New Zealand likewise ancestral deities formed liaisons with females; in the Samoan Islands the inferior gods were regarded as the fathers of children otherwise unaccounted for; the Hindus have rites prescribed by which a companion nymph may be secured.
  • If Fred's calculations were correct—they agreed with Mrs. Worthington's recollections—four trunks remained unaccounted for.
  • Edith Shipton remained unaccounted for, and unmentioned.
  • It was this remarkable fact which first led to the idea that, as the rainfall could not be accounted for either by evaporation or by the river discharge, much of the 90% unaccounted for must sink into the ground, and in part be absorbed by some underlying bed-rock.
  • There was absolutely nothing that Dean could see to indicate any unusual pattern or unaccounted time.