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  • One tablet records that in 1631 two Algerine pirate crews landed in Ireland, sacked Baltimore, and carried off its inhabitants to slavery; another recalls the romantic escape of Ida M'Donnell, daughter of Admiral Ulric, consulgeneral of Denmark, and wife of the British consul.
  • Of Denmark and Norway and of Sophia, daughter of Ulric III., duke of Mecklenburg, was born on the 1 2 th of December 1574.
  • A romantic friendship with the king's bastard, Count Ulric Frederick Gyldenldve, consolidated his position.
  • David, Laurier et son temps (Montreal, 1905); see also Henri Moreau, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Premier Ministre du Canada (Paris, 1902); and the collection of Laurier's speeches from 1871 to 1890, compiled by Ulric Barthe (Quebec, 1890).
  • Jean Auguste Ulric Scheler >>

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