Sentence Examples

  • Cane and an uhlans stays, was magnified into a rebellion; drew down upon the grand duke of Weimar a collective protest of the powers; and set in motion the whole machinery of reaction.
  • The infantry is organized into line regiments, JÃger and Tirolese regiments, the cavalry into dragoons, lancers, Uhlans and hussars, the artillery into regiments.
  • The Austrian Landwehr (which retains the old designation K.K., formerly applied to the Austrian regular army) is organized in 8 divisions of varying strength, the " Royal Hungarian " Landwehr or Honveds in 7 divisions, both Austrian and Hungarian Landwehr having in addition cavalry (Uhlans and hussars) and artillery.
  • They were our uhlans who with disordered ranks were returning from the attack.
  • On reaching the broad river Viliya, he stopped near a regiment of Polish uhlans stationed by the river.

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