Sentence Examples

  • For high schools located nearby a college campus where a UDA session is in progress, the possibility exists to simply attend the various sessions throughout the day, but allow all members of the team to go home at the end of the day.
  • For serious dance teams, UDA camps are an excellent experience in and of themselves, and your team members will reap the benefits all throughout the competition year with their improved technique and winning routines.
  • The Universal Dance Association (UDA) runs several overnight summer dance camps for teams interested in improving their skills and learning cutting edge routines to take to their next competition.
  • Steamers ascend this river as far as Bilyutai, near the Mongolian frontier, and bring back tea, imported via Kiakhta, while grain, cedar nuts, salt, soda, wool and timber are shipped on rafts down the Khilok, Chikoi and Uda (tributaries of the Selenga), and manufactured goods are taken up the river for export to China.
  • From the left it receives the Eghin-gol and the Jida, and from the right the Tala, Kharagoy, Chikoy, Khilok and Uda, streams each 150 to 300 m.