Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps, but Ayer has received requests for tissue samples from UC Davis as well as the University of Texas, so the issue will eventually be sorted out.
  • Four small boats of the mine-laying class were also dispatched, of which three (UC 14, UC 13, UC15) made their way to Constantinople, carrying important technical stores, in the summer months after an intermediate base had been established at Orak near Budrun.
  • Then 4, =o over the cylinder r = a, which may be considered a fixed post; and a stream line past it along which 4, = Uc, a constant, is the curve (r - ¢2) sin 0=c, (x2 + y2) (y - c) - a 2 y = o, (3) a cubic curve (C3).
  • With #=o, the stream is parallel to xo, and 4)=m ch (n-a)cos = - Uc ch (n-a) sh n cos /sh (n-a) (22) over the cylinder n, and as in (12) § 29, =-Ux =-Uc ch n cos t, (23) for liquid filling the cylinder; and _ th n (14) 01 th (7 7 - a) ' over the surface of n; so that parallel to Ox, the effective inertia of the cylinder n, displacing M' liquid, is increased by M'thn/th(n-a), reducing when a= oo to /If' th n = M' (b/a).
  • A relative stream line, along which 1/,' = Uc, is the quartic curve y-c=?![2a(r-x)], x = 4a2y2-(y g)4, r- 4a2y2 +(y c) 4, 7) 4 a (y-c) 4a(y and in the absolute space curve given by 1', dy= (y- c)2, x= 2ac_ 2a log (y -c) (8) 2ay y - c 34.