Sentence Examples

  • But hearing of his misfortune they retreated before Napoleon's advance along the right bank of the Danube to Krems, where they crossed the river and withdrew to an entrenched camp near Olmi tz to pick up fresh Austrian reinforcements.
  • The city of Kiiniggr .tz (Kralove Hradec), which had been under Utraquist rule, espoused the doctrine of Tabor, and called Zizka to its aid.
  • Since the dimensions of T are supposed to be very small in com d parison with X, the factor dy (--) is sensibly constant; so that, if Z stand for the mean value of Z over the volume T, we may write TZ y d e T ?
  • Dr r In like manner we find TZ x d e ikr 2 - 471b 2 r dr From (to), (13), (24) we see that, as might have been expected, the rotation at any point is about an axis perpendicular both to the direction of the force and to the line joining the point to the source of disturbance.
  • If the resultant rotation be n, we have TZ iJ (x 2 -{-y 2) de ikr TZsin4 d e ikr 2 r ' dr (r !