Sentence Examples

  • Named after the mythical Norse god of warriors and deity among all athletes, the TYR (pronounced "tire") brand truly embodies the competitive spirit of sports, and stands as a symbol of courage and victory for athletes the world over.
  • So if you're looking for a deal on a brand name piece, you can find some good stuff online at such outlets as Sports Basement that often carries TYR and Speedo suits for as much as 60% off the suggested retail price.
  • If you don't already believe that TYR Poly Swimsuits are one of the best pieces of equipment an aspiring or professional swim athlete can own, then check out some of these world-class famous athletes.
  • Specializing in swimwear for men, women and children, TYR swimsuits offers technologically advanced products that are practical, efficient and fashionable all at once.
  • Also available in a multitude of prints and solid hues, the TYR women's collection of swimwear is as functional as the men's and just as eye-catching.