Sentence Examples

  • Nineteen-twentieths of the colonists, however, live east of the dividing range, for to that side settlement was attracted by the open, grassy character of the country.
  • Most of the surface is capable of cultivation, and nineteen-twentieths of the inhabitants are engaged in agriculture.
  • Each committee has complete control of all bills referred to it, and nmn.eteen-twentieths of the bills introduced meet their death by the failure of the committee to take action on them.
  • Nineteen-twentieths of the sulphur consumed in the world was formerly drawn from Sicilian mines, while some 50,000 persons were employed in the extraction, manufacture, transport and trade in the mineral.
  • Copper smelting, which during most of the 19th century was the chief industry, has not maintained its relative importance, though Swansea is still the chief seat of the trade, but three-fourths of the tinplates manufactured in Great Britain and nineteen-twentieths of the spelter or zinc are made in the Swansea district, and its tube works are also the largest in the kingdom.

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