Sentence Examples

  • As the Dorian tutelar he aids Tyndareus and Aegimius.
  • The " Resting " (avalravOyEvos) Hercules is, as at Thermopylae and near Himera, the natural tutelar of hot springs in conjunction with his protectress Athena, who is usually depicted attending him on ancient vases.
  • Just as the inhabitants of each town honoured their tutelar deity by solemn processions to his temple, so, at the period of the Olympic games, the temple of Zeus at Olympia formed the goal of multitudes from every Hellenic country.
  • JUVENTAS (Latin for "youth": later Juventus), in Roman mythology, the tutelar goddess of young men.
  • Cybele, worshipped under the name of Meter Sipylene, from Mt Sipylus, which bounds the Smyrna valley on the N., was the tutelar goddess of the city.

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