Sentence Examples

  • Now Target, Sears and Kmart are reversing their policy and putting "Christmas" back in the season, the result of a threatened boycott of the stores by the American Family Association, a pro-family organization from Tupelo, Mississippi.
  • To gather the nectar, beehives are placed on bluffs, elevated platforms along the river's edge, or even on floats during the short period in April and May when the white tupelo blooms.
  • The hives are stripped of earlier honey before the white tupelo comes into bloom, and the prized tupelo honey is harvested as soon as the trees stop blooming.
  • Tupelo was a largely segregated community, but when Elvis was in sixth grade, his family moved to a predominantly African-American neighborhood.
  • Driving down a lazy two-lane country road is great, but driving down the same road listening to Van Morrison sing "Tupelo Honey" is even better!