Sentence Examples

  • One option is a picture of one of the characters from the movie, such as Jake Sully or Trudy Chacon, both of whom are humans in the film.
  • Schrenck, Reisen and Forschungen im Amurgebiet (St Petersburg, 1858-1891); Trudy of the Siberian expedition - mathematical part (also geographical) by Schwarz, and physical part by Schmidt, Glehn and Brylkin (1874, seq.); G.
  • Kozlov, Trudy Ekspeditsiy Imp. Russ.
  • Roborovsky, Trudy Tibetskoi Ekspeditsiy, 1889-1890; K.
  • Vostochnom Turkestane and Trudy Tibetskoy Ekspeditsiy, 1889-1890 (St Petersburg, 1891-1892); V.