Sentence Examples

  • Citric acid, being tribasic, forms either acid monometallic, acid dimetallic or neutral trimetallic salts; thus, mono-, diand tri-potassium and sodium citrates are known.
  • The first set may be called monometallic, the second dimetallic, and the third trimetallic salts.
  • The soluble trimetallic salts are decomposed by carbonic acid into a dimetallic salt and an acid carbonate.
  • The three series also differ when heated: the trimetallic salts, containing fixed bases are unaltered, whilst the monoand dimetallic salts yield metaand pyrophosphates respectively.
  • If the heating be with charcoal, the trimetallic salts of the alkalis and alkaline earths are unaltered, whilst the monoand di-salts give free phosphorus and a trimetallic salt.