Sentence Examples

  • The south-east trade-wind blows obliquely across the Atlantic Ocean until it reaches Brazil.
  • In the Marquesas group the trade-wind is constant.
  • The trade-wind regions correspond pretty closely with westward-flowing currents, while in the equatorial calm belts there are eastward-running countercurrents, these lying north of the equator in the Atlantic and Pacific, but south of the equator in the Indian Ocean.
  • The hottest and wettest months are from December to March, but there is usually a fresh trade-wind blowing and the climate is healthy.
  • An hour only 22 fathoms. It follows that a pure trade-wind drift cannot reach to any great depth, and this seems to be confirmed by observation, as when tow-nets are sunk to depths of 50 fathoms and more in the region of the equatorial current they always show a strong drift away from the side of the ship, the ship itself following the surface current.