Sentence Examples

  • Macaulay terms, him, justly enough, "the father of modern Toryism, of Toryism modified to suit an order of things in which the House of Commons is the most powerful body in the state."
  • In short, the country was already thoroughly democratic in spirit, while Federalism stood for obsolescent social ideas and was infected with political "Toryism" fatally against the times.
  • Toryism), was extinct," but as a sentiment it remained for some time longer, and may even be said to exist to-day.
  • When George Grenville, whose principles leaned to Toryism, quarrelled with the 'court, Wedderburn affected to regard him as his leader in politics.
  • His politics might therefore have been described as Toryism tempered by sympathy, or as Radicalism tempered by hereditary scorn of subject races.