Sentence Examples

  • TokyO was never a centre of ceramic production.
  • Whereas in Tokyo the number of frosty nights during a year does not average much over 60, the corresponding number in Sapporo on the north-west of Yezo is 145.
  • He'd lived in Tokyo before Rhyn dragged him to the castle as his charge d'affairs.
  • Rhyn crossed his arms, irritated.  Kiki trotted from the patio into the house perched on a hill overlooking Tokyo.  He returned ten minutes later with a small briefcase, a jacket and a hard case for his iPad.  Rhyn opened the portal, and the two strode through it, back to the massive tree where Rhyn had lost Toby in the cold, wet French Alps.
  • It is decidedly less at Perpignan and Lisbon than at Potsdam, Kew and Greenwich, but nowhere is the seasonal difference more conspicuous than at Tokyo, which is south of Lisbon.