Sentence Examples

  • The larger and more important of these are Todos os Santos, on which is located the city of Sao Salvador or Bahia, and Rio de Janeiro or Guanabara, beside which stands the capital of the republic. These two are freely accessible to the largest ships afloat.
  • The new city, to which the name of Sao Salvador was given, was established on the heights above the Bay of All Saints (Todos os Santos), from which its later name of Bahia is taken.
  • When, nearer the end of the century (1481-1495), King pitch, and brand themselves with the sign of the cross in token of their baptism "(Libro del conocimiento de todos reynos, &c., printed at Madrid, 1877).
  • On the Pacific coast of Lower California are the Ensenada de Todos Santos and the bays of San Quentin, Viscaino and Magdalena.
  • BAHIA, or SRI SALVADOR, a maritime city of Brazil and capital of the state of Bahia, situated on the Bay of All Saints (Bahia de Todos os Santos), and on the western side of the peninsula separating that bay from the Atlantic, in r3° S.