Sentence Examples

  • Sanballat of Horon, Tobiah the Ammonite, and Gashmu the Arabian (?
  • Tobiah and his son Johanan were related by marriage to Judaean secular and priestly families, and active intrigues resulted, in which nobles and prophets took their part.
  • But Tobiah and Johanan themselves were worshippers of Yahweh (as their names also show), and consequently, with prophets taking different sides and with the Samaritan claims summarily repudiated (Neh.
  • Even members of the priestly families had intermarried with Tobiah and Sanballat; the former had his own chamber in the precincts of the Temple, the daughter of the latter was the wife of a son of Joiada the son of the high priest Eliashib.
  • Tobiah was cast out, the offending priest expelled, and a general purging followed, in which all the foreign element was removed.

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