Sentence Examples

  • Using a toaster oven to bake meals or re-heat leftovers can be a great way to conserve energy and save money on your power bill, especially if you prepare relatively small servings of baked foods on a regular basis.
  • Even though there is debate over who should be credited for creating the first toaster ever, there is no debate as to the fact that the cooking part of these original models still relied on some degree of manual operation.
  • A man by the name of Frank Shailor was credited as being the mastermind behind the toaster as a contained unit, despite the fact that there were already toasters on the market other than the one manufactured by GE.
  • If you would prefer not to give up a sizeable section of the countertop space in your kitchen to hold this type of appliance, you may find that an under cabinet toaster oven is an excellent option for your home.
  • Toaster ovens have many benefits and uses, even in a fully equipped kitchen, and they're perfect for small homes or college students who are living situations that do not allow for larger, more expensive ovens.