Sentence Examples

  • It still means " doctrine " when the collected decreta of Trent bear on their title-page (1564) reference to an Index dogmatum et reformationis; but here " dogma " is already verging towards the narrower and more precise sense - truth defined by church authority.
  • In 1711 appeared the Characteristics of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times, in three volumes, also without any name or initials on the title-page, and without even the name of a printer.
  • There were two issues - virtually two editions - of this with the same date on the title-page, though one of them is said not to have been published till the following year.
  • Of the octavo only one perfect copy (the title-page missing) in the Baptist College at Bristol, 4 and one imperfect in the library of St Paul's cathedral.
  • It would appear that this title-page was to be substituted for the title-page of the Descriptio of 1614 by those who bound the two books together.