Sentence Examples

  • Miles, who had already done much to tion in Oman.
  • While through a great crisis due to the conflict of two 0 os g g PP Classifica= from a single trunk, - is to give to science the ensemble tion of sciences.
  • The popula tion in 1901 was 2,245,029.
  • Generally, by making a' = -oo, the line x'A' may be taken as a straight stream line of infinite length, forming an axis of symmetry; and then by duplica tion the result can be ob A tained, with assigned n, a, and b, of the efflux from a symmetrical converging FIG.
  • These laws are enforced by mine inspectors of the timber produces falls of ground, making necessary the excavawho are empowered to call upon the courts and other government tion and removal at times of hundreds of tons of heated rock and burning coal, in order to reach the fire.