Sentence Examples

  • Brandon Westlake, lustfully examining a pile of rusty tins, was pulled away by Paulette Dawkins for consultation.
  • The tins largely used for kerosene are made by machinery and contain 5 American gallons.
  • Even the Bedouin Arabs wear headdresses of cheap European cotton stuff purchased in Bagdad or thereabouts, while the common water vessels throughout the country are five-gallon petroleum tins, which also furnish metal for the manufacture of various utensils in the native bazaars.
  • Large quantities of condensed milk, put up in hermetically sealed tins, are sold fcr use in mining camps and on board steamships.
  • Artichokes and tomato sauce are the principal of these products, of which several dozen million tins are annually exported from Sicily to the Italian mainland, to Germany and to South America.