Tickety-boo Definition

Fine, excellent, in working order, etc.
Webster's New World

(chiefly UK, informal) Correct, satisfactory.


Alternative spelling of tickety-boo.


Origin of Tickety-boo

  • I understand that the origin is India. In Hindi, "Tikai babu" means "It's alright, Sir." While India was governed under the British Empire, British airmen picked up the expression and it evolved into its current form. Canadian soldiers picked up the expression from their British allies during World War 2, and introduced it into Canadian jargon soon after.

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  • Possibly from an Indo-Aryan language: Compare Hindi ठीक (á¹­hÄ«k) है (hai), बाबू (bābÅ«), "It's all right, sir". The phrase could have been picked up by UK personnel in India before independence and spread in modified form to the UK and elsewhere in the Commonwealth

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  • http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-tic1.htm

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