Thyne Definition

1566, William Adlington, The Golden Asse.
The I understanding the cause of his miserable estate, sayd unto him, In faith thou art worthy to sustaine the most extreame misery and calamity, which hast defiled and maculated thyne owne body, forsaken thy wife traitorously, and dishonoured thy children, parents, and friends, for the love of a vile harlot and old strumpet.
1591, Edmund Spenser, The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser, Volume 5.
Queene of Beauty, Mother of Love and of all worlds delight, 16 Without whose soverayne grace and kindly dewty Nothing on earth seems fayre to fleshly sight, Doe thou vouchsafe with thy love-kindling light T'illuminate my dim and dulled eyne, 20 And beautifie this sacred hymne of thyne: That both to thee, to whom I meane it most, And eke to her whose faire immortall beame Hath darted fyre into my feeble ghost, That now it wasted is with woes extreame, 25 It may so please, that she at length will streame Some deaw of grace into my withered hart, After long sorrow and consuming smart.

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