Sentence Examples

  • It is much dwarfer than K. aloides, its leaves are much narrower, while its flowers are smaller and its bright green leaves are in dense rosettes, narrow, very pointed, and almost three-cornered.
  • A three-cornered Celtic knot is also known as the "Trinity" or the "Triquetra" and represents the unity of heart, soul, and mind.
  • Everyone wore a hat, the three-cornered, or tri-corner hat being the most fashionable.
  • Not only was the Balkan league on the point of internal explosion, but the Concert of Europe was trying to create the new state of Albania in the midst of a three-cornered diplomatic contest between Austria-Hungary, Italy and Russia.
  • Some varieties are dopallari, a skull-cap; kishtinuma, or boat-shaped cap; goltopi, a round cap of the kind known in England as " pork-pie "; bezwi, or egg-shaped cap; sigoshia, or three-cornered cap; chaugoshia, or four-cornered cap; tajdar, or crown-shaped cap; &c. Many other caps are named after the locality of manufacture or some peculiarity of make, e.g.