Sentence Examples

  • Along with this affirmation, the Church of Rome (if less decisively) has adopted the limitations of the Thomist theory by the condemnation of " Ontologism "; certain mysterious doctrines are beyond reason.
  • The book is not what moderns (schooled unconsciously in post-Reformation developments of Thomist ideas) expect under the name of natural theology.
  • Deism is, in fact, the Thomist natural theology (more clearly distinguished from dogmatic theology than in the middle ages, alike by Protestants and by the post-Tridentine Church of Rome) now dissolving partnership with dogmatic and starting in business for itself.
  • Roman Catholic apologetics - of necessity, Thomist - is well represented by Professor Schanz of Tubingen.
  • This difficulty was presently raised by Duns Scotus and the realistically-inclined opponents of the Thomist doctrine.