Sentence Examples

  • It is removed from the thermostat.
  • It's light enough for wearing during those days when it's not quite time to pull out the wool peacoat (or when someone forgot to tell the person in charge of the thermostat at work that, hey, it's time for the air conditioner to be off).
  • This smaller version doesn't have the built-in flavor infuser; however, it does have all of the other great features such as the non-stick surface and the detachable thermostat, as well as the tempered glass lid.
  • When the infection has been overcome or drugs such as aspirin or acetaminophen have been taken, the thermostat resets to normal and the body's cooling mechanisms switch on: the blood moves to the surface and sweating occurs.
  • The nervous system constantly relays information about the body's temperature to the thermostat, which in turn activates different physical responses designed to cool or warm the body, depending on the circumstances.