Sentence Examples

  • This law is commonly applied in connecting a thermocouple to a galvanometer with coils of copper wire, the junctions of the copper wires with the other metals being placed side by side in a vessel of water or otherwise kept at the same temperature.
  • Of a copperiron thermocouple reaches a maximum when the temperature of.
  • We conclude by applying Ohm's law that the electromotive force, E, of the thermocouple may be approximately represented for small differences of temperature by the formula E=CR=p(t-t').
  • - In order to justify the assumption involved in the application of the second law of thermodynamics to the theory of the thermocouple in the manner above specified, it would be necessary and sufficient, as Thomson pointed out (Phil.
  • The method appears to be open to the objection that the difference of temperature reached in so long an interval would be more or less independent of the thermal 0 0 .20 h ?1 capacities of the calorimeters, and would also be difficult to measure accurately with a thermocouple under the conditions described.