Sentence Examples

  • After the fall of Robespierre he joined the group of "Thermidorians" and was sent on mission to the south of France, where he closed the Jacobin club at Toulouse and set free a number of imprisoned "suspects."
  • The former friend of Saint Just now offered his services to the Thermidorians, and after receiving from the Convention the title of "Sauveur de la Patrie," subdued the sans-culottes of Paris, when they rose in insurrection against the Convention on 12 Germinal (April 1).
  • He flattered in turn Saint Just and the Terrorists, the Thermidorians and the Directors, and played always for his own hand - a strange egoist who rose to fame as the leader of an idealist and sentimental crusade.
  • The Thermidorians, the immediate agents in Robespierre's overthrow, such as Tallien, had loudly professed Jacobinism, but wanted to make their peace with the nation.
  • Owing to this first intervention of the troops inpolitics, the Committee of Public Safety, which aimed not so much at a moderate policy as at steering a middle course between the Thermidorians of the Right and of the Left, was able to dispense with the latter.