Sentence Examples

  • Cambon soon had reason to repent of that event, for he became one of those most violently attacked by the Thermidorian reaction.
  • The movement was successful; Robespierre and his friends were guillotined; and Tallien, as the leading Thermidorian, was elected to the Committee of Public Safety.
  • He showed himself a vigorous Thermidorian; he was instrumental in suppressing the Revolutionary Tribunal and the Jacobin Club; he attacked J.
  • In a like spirit of moderation he opposed the Thermidorian reaction, and defended Barere, Billaud-Varenne the Collot d'Herbois from the accusations launched against them on the 22nd of March 1795.
  • The course of events after the Thermidorian reaction of July 1 794 favoured his return to France.