Sentence Examples

  • It is characteristic of Fichte's almost excessive receptiveness that in his latest published work, Der neuere Spiritualismus (1878), he supports his position by arguments of a somewhat occult or theosophical cast, not unlike those adopted by F.
  • Accordingly, the last age of Greek philosophy is theosophical in character, and its ultimate end is a practical satisfaction.
  • In modern spiritualism the familiar is represented by the "guide," corresponding to which we have the theosophical "guru."
  • Olcott, she founded the " Theosophical Society "with the object of (I) forming a universal brotherhood of man,(2) studying and making known the ancient religions, philosophies and sciences, (3) investigating the laws of nature and developing the divine powers latent in man.
  • A Glossary of Theosophical Terms (1890-1892) was compiled for the benefit of her disciples.