Sentence Examples

  • TheA nnals and Histories of Cornelius Tacitus (54-119), with the supplementary Life of Agricola and the Tralan Germania, and the Satires of D.
  • Of "thea," which cost 40s.
  • The annals of the Company record that, in February 1684, the directors wrote thus to Madras: - "In regard thea is grown to be a commodity here, and we have occasion to make presents therein to our great friends at court, we would have you to send us yearly five or six canisters of the very best and freshest thea."
  • The plant was originally described by Linnaeus as one species, Thea sinensis.
  • Thea Bohea and Thea viridis, and it was erroneously assumed that the former was the source of black teas, while Thea viridis was held to yield the green varieties.