Sentence Examples

  • Thallium forms two series of salts: thallous, in which the metal is monovalent; and thallic, in which it is trivalent.
  • In the thallous series many analogies with lead compounds are observed; in the thallic some resemblance to aluminium and gold.
  • Thallic oxide, T10 or T1202, was obtained by 0.
  • Thallic oxide, T1203, is obtained as a dark reddish powder, insoluble in water and alkalis, by plunging molten thallium into oxygen, or by electrolysing water, using a thallium anode.
  • Thallic hydroxide, TI(OH) 31 is obtained as a brown precipitate by adding a hot solution of thallous chloride in sodium carbonate to a solution of sodium hypochlorite.