Sentence Examples

  • The council, which met on the 5th of June 1245, was attended only by those prepared to support the pope's cause; and though Frederick condescended to be represented by his justiciar, Thaddeus of Suessa, the judgment was a foregone conclusion.
  • Wide), having the small island Byelkovskiy near its western shore; Thaddeus (Faddeevskiy), in the middle; and New Siberia (Novaya Sibir), in the east (90 m.
  • Thaddeus Island has a long promontory, Anjou, protruding north-westv:ards.
  • Sannikov, with a party of hunters, discovered in1805-1808Stolbovyi, Thaddeus and New Siberia Islands, and a merchant, Byelkov, the Byelkovskyi Islands.
  • Thaddeus Wojciechowski has published a clever work on Slavonic antiquities.