Sentence Examples

  • It was joined to Texel by a sand-dike in 1629-1630, and is now undistinguishable from the main island.
  • Texel was already separated from the mainland in the 8th century, but remained a Frisian province and countship, which once extended as far as Alkmaar in North Holland, until it came into the possession of the counts of Holland.
  • In 1595 the first Dutch expedition sailed from the Texel, but it took a more southerly course than its predecessors and confined its operations to Java and the neighbouring islands.
  • But the Dutch fleet was detained in the Texel for many weeks by unfavourable weather, and before it eventually put to sea in October, only to be crushed by Duncan in the battle of Camperdown, Tone had returned to Paris; and Hoche, the chief hope of the United Irishmen, was dead.
  • They sailed from the Texel on the 14th of June 1615, and by the 10th of January 1616 they were south of the entrance of Magellan's Strait.