Sentence Examples

  • The increase of terri tory in Central Asia is calculated by Russian authorities at 4 2 9, 8 95 square kilometres.
  • Large forces had been left behind during the advance on Johannesburg for the protection of the railway and the conquered terri tory, and these were now reinforced from Kimberley and elsewhere as well as from detachments of the main army.
  • 11,684 Rheinwaldhorn Guferhorn Blindenhorn Basodino Tambohorn Helsenhorn Wasenhorn Ofenhorn Cherbadung Piz Medel Scopi Pizzo Rotondo Pizzo dei Piani Piz Terri Piz Aul Pizzo di Pesciora Wyttenwasserstock Campo Tencia.
  • It is a wide steppe region which (though it contains many remains of ancient towns and settlements, and was evidently at one time a terri tory of great importance) is now almost entirely inhabited by nomads.

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