Sentence Examples

  • With her provocative photos garnering the attention of many and probably a legion of fans from her various nude spreads in Playboy and Penthouse, Tequila is now the reigning queen of MySpace with over two million "friends" to date.
  • Anyway, if you think the whole Meghan McCain/Tila Tequila mash up is crazy, word is that Tila sought out McCain because she heard the daughter of super conservative, former presidential candidate John McCain looked up to her.
  • To most, the announcement seems like yet another shameful play for the spotlight by Tequila, who just days after her supposed fiancee's death, did a photo shoot, prancing around her yard, smiling and laughing.
  • Yep, just like Bret Michaels on VH1's Rock of Love and his seemingly perennial search for true love, you can bet that Tila Tequila will make another appearance on MTV in the next season of A Shot at Love 3.
  • After last season's fiasco of being rejected in front of millions of viewers, it's really no wonder why Tila Tequila decided to opt out of filming a third season of the bi-sexual oriented dating show.