Sentence Examples

  • Further, two distinct types of otocyst can be recognized in the Hydro medusae; that of the Leptolinae, in which the entire organ is ectodermal, concrement-cells and all, and the organ is not a tentaculocyst; and that of the Trachylinae, in which the organ is a tentaculocyst, and the concrement-cells are endodermal, derived from the endoderm of the modified tentacle, while the rest of the organ is ectodermal.
  • - Tentaculocyst (statorhabd) ous with the endoderm of Cunina solnzaris.
  • - Tentaculocyst of Cunina lati- their simplest form as a ventris.
  • - Simple tentaculocyst of Rlzopaloocellus be on the nema velatum.
  • A tentaculocyst (" colleto-cysto- o, phore" or " marginal anchor ") se, seen from the subumbral side.

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