Sentence Examples

  • The idea of automatic telephony is to substitute for the operator of the manual exchange an electromechanical or other switching system, which, controlled in its movement by the action of the subscriber, will automatically select, connect and disconnect circuits as desired.
  • A similar installation of inductive telephony, in which telephone currents in one line were made to create others in a nearly parallel and distant line, was established in 1899 between Rathlin Island on the north coast of Ireland and the mainland.
  • Fleming, The Principles of Electric Wave Telegraphy and Telephony, p. 416, 2nd ed.
  • Fleming, An Elementary Manual of Radiotelegraphy and Radio-telephony (1908); H.
  • Telephony is the art of reproducing sounds at a distance from their source, and a telephone is the instrument employed in sending or receiving such sounds.