Sentence Examples

  • Most every genre is represented: from hip-hop to jazz, techno to ballads, you'll find that the songs are catchy and you will probably have two or three per game that you dance to each time you play.
  • Whenever you shoot an enemy or use one of your unique abilities, a musical effect as well as a visual effect occurs in time with the currently playing track, which is either techno or break beat.
  • This mix of neo-goth, techno, electronica, metal and emo is a seizure of activity that reveals only one thing - that no matter what genre these guys are going for, none of them is executed well.
  • Lady Gaga also highlights that much of the song is influenced by the German techno and house music scenes she encountered in Norway, Russia and Germany on tour.
  • Don't worry, there is a nice mix of Techno, Rock, Dance Pop, and Hip Hop to dance to so you should find something to your liking if you've never played a DDR.