Sentence Examples

  • The silver salt as being derived from the tautomeric imidobenzoic acid, C 6 1-1 5 C: (NH) -OH (J.
  • Cluded that in compounds the benzene nucleus appears to be capable of existence in two tautomeric forms, in the sense that each particular derivative possesses a definite constitution.
  • They are prepared by condensing thio-amides with a-haloid ketones or aldehydes, the thio-amide reacting as the tautomeric thio-imino acid.
  • These results point to the conclusion that the iso-diazo hydroxide is a tautomeric substance.
  • They behave, however, as tautomeric substances, since their alkali salts on methylation give nitrogen ethers, whilst their silver salts yield oxygen ethers: potassium salt - R N(CH 3).NO 2 nitramine.