Sentence Examples

  • The one exception to this rule kicks in when the Taurean woman believes that purchasing a certain object will put her in better stead at some point down the road, or that an object will increase her social standing in some way.
  • Combine these attributes with their other Taurean traits of earthy sex appeal and good looks, and it's no wonder other zodiac signs fall all over themselves to meet the newest sign on the block.
  • A more mature Taurean profile shows that he's outgrown much of his youthful tendencies or, at the very least, has learned how to curb his innate nature in an effort to preserve his relationship.
  • Whereas some astrological signs such as Pisces might have an ethereal tinge to their physical appearance, a Taurean woman is one that looks beautiful yet still substantial and solid.
  • On one level, you suspect you understand your Taurean man as much as anyone can, but then he does something that reminds you that he takes offense if you assume to know him too well.

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