Sentence Examples

  • The bride's face is tattooed according to a pattern furnished by the bridegroom.
  • Like the assassin who obsessed about birthdays and clothing, there were two sides to the man before her: the warm, friendly stranger with whom she'd felt so comfortable she confided to him over the phone without knowing anything about him, and the tattooed thug before them in snug biker leathers.
  • She saw Damian watch the new king get his tattoo as a rite of passage, saw it again as Claire made love to the man meant to be her husband, saw it in Isac's vision as he hacked the tattooed man apart.
  • After seeing his name tattooed across her back and the look of pure murder on his face, she hid in the closet until certain he was gone.
  • Her eyes stayed on the creature, which joined several more tattooed beings in the hall before they all struck out in different directions.