Sentence Examples

  • In 1040 at Mainz), a famous Talmudist and com mentator, his pupil Jacob ben Yaqar, and Moses of Narbonne, called ha-Darshan, the "Exegete," were the forerunners of the greatest of all Jewish commentators, Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi), who died at Troyes in 1105.
  • 1234), also a great Talmudist, wrote in Arabic Ma`aseh Yerushalmi, on oaths, and Kitab al-Kifayah, theology.
  • A Talmudist, was an earnest promoter of kabbalistic studies.
  • 1837), Talmudist of the orthodox, conservative school; W.
  • ELIJAH WILNA, or Elijah Ben Solomon, best known as the Gaon Elijah Of Wilna (1720-1797), a noted Talmudist who hovered between the new and the old schools of thought.