Sentence Examples

  • Its headship of the League, hitherto tacitly accepted, was definitely recognized in 1418.
  • The problem of finding a square equal in area to a given circle, like all problems, may be increased in difficulty by the imposition of restrictions; consequently under the designation there may be embraced quite a variety of geometrical problems. It has to be noted, however, that, when the " squaring " of the circle is especially spoken of, it is almost always tacitly assumed that the restrictions are those of the Euclidean geometry.
  • These tests, and these alone, are emendations bound to satisfy; but others are often tacitly imposed upon them.
  • Martha looked for approval and received it tacitly from all but her husband.
  • The duty of a railway with deficient plant or facilities would seem to be to make up for their absence by moderating the speeds of its trains, but public sentiment in America appears so far to have approved, at least tacitly, the combination of imperfect railways and high speeds.