Sentence Examples

  • Additional meridians sz R01, FIG.
  • One advantage we have obtained is that, if we now write ao =o, and substitute a 8 _ 1 for a,, when s>o, we obtain d d aO da l +al da 2 +a2 da �....+an_2dan_1 which is the form of SZ for a binary (n- Henceby merely diminishing each suffix in a seminvariant by unity, we obtain another seminvariant of the same degree, and of weight w-8, appertaining to the (n-I) ic. Also, if we increase each suffix in a seminvariant, we obtain terms, free from a 0, of some seminvariant of degree 8 and weight w+8.
  • In a state of steady motion d4- 121 _S22 Tit °' - fl 4=1G = nt, suppose, S21 -F9,277 = S2co, d4 a2+c2 WI- 1 a2-c2S21' _ 2a 2 SZ dt a2+c2cos' a 2 + c 2 a, 2 a 2 S2 I- a2_c22--a2+C2,0, 1a2 c2)2 (a 2 -c 2) (9a2-c2) ?
  • A torsion of the ellipsoidal surface will give rise to a velocity function of the form 4)--- where SZ can be expressed by the elliptic integrals in a similar manner, since dX/P3.