Sentence Examples

  • When the, fruit begins to ripen, syringing must be discontinued till the crop is gathered, after which the syringe must be again occasionally used.
  • A due amount of moisture may be kept up by the use of evaporating troughs and by syringing the walls and pathways two or three times a day, but the leaves should not be syringed.
  • These pests can be kept in check by syringing with nicotine, soft-soap and quassia solutions, or by "vaporising" two or three evenings in succession, afterwards syringing the plants with clear tepid water.
  • In these circumstances " syringing " and " damping down " are of value in cooling the temperature of the air in hothouses and greenhouses and increasing its humidity, thereby checking excessive transpiration.
  • Syringing is also beneficial in washing away dirt and insects.

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