Sentence Examples

  • Sure, Blonde Redhead's first albums were on the SY Smells Like Records label, and sure the driving, distorted guitars have SY written all over them, there is something altogether a little more melodic going on here.
  • Jictor Emmanuel took the supreme command of the Italian sy, and La Marmora resigned the premiership (which was umed by Ricasoli), to become chief of the staff.
  • Amorphous sulphur or Sy exists in two forms, one soluble in carbon bisulphide, the other insoluble.
  • If V denote the potential, F the resultant force, X, Y, Z, its components parallel to the co-ordinate axes and n the line along which the force is directed, then - sn = F, b?= X, - Sy = Y, -s Surfaces for which the potential is constant are called equipotential surfaces.
  • If, as in common flint-glass spectroscopes, there is only one dispersing substance, f Sy ds = Sµ.s, where s is simply the thickness traversed by the ray.