Sentence Examples

  • + The 3% customs surtax is not included in this table.
  • A 10% surtax on the fees of admission to places of public amusement.
  • Since April 1905 a surtax of 7% has been imposed on all goods of other than French origin.
  • Like communal revenue, provincial revenue has considerably increased since 1880, principally on account of the increase in the land and building surtax.
  • This last surtax, which produces about £T90,000 per annum, was specially affected to a loan, known as the " Tejhizat-i-'Askerieh of 1905," of £T2,640,000, by virtue of a contract between the government and the Deutsche Bank (April 17, ' It should be noted that the classification of the revenues included respectively under the " direct " and " indirect " categories has now been quite properly changed, the sheep-tax, tithes, mining royalties and forest royalties being comprised under " direct taxes "; stamps and registration duties are placed in a special category, and salt and tobacco under " monopolies."