Sentence Examples

  • The law of supply and demand may come into play when it comes to the exotic appetite suppressant, but it appears that many products are quite affordable.
  • While the effectiveness and safety of Hoodia Gordonii itself are still under investigation, some products containing little or none of the appetite suppressant can be disappointing, if not dangerous.
  • Though esophagitis may have been found in one of these tests, the doctor will need to determine whether it was caused by GERD or by milk allergy, which does not respond to acid suppressant therapy.
  • However, scientists have not determined whether or not Ionamin is strictly an appetite suppressant, or if the central nervous system and/or metabolic pathways are implicated.
  • Phentermine - Phentermine is an appetite suppressant marketed under a variety of names including Adipex-P, Supramine, Phentride, and others.